Uyghur Emancipation

By: M.H Uyghuruyghur female protest

We should care for each other, boundaries set up by religion, race, language, nationality, and geography shouldn’t be the border for our humanity. What happens to Uyghurs could happen to Chinese, it could end up become anyone’s fate. I hope it will never happen again. Until you have become the victim it is difficult to shift your point of view to the view opponent to yours. If your sorrow makes you selfish, it is time to update your self-inspection and auto-correction. That is the threshold between hate and salvation, get over it, you are powerful.

If Uyghur emancipation ends up become an Uyghurist state and will Uyghurs take their retaliation? I don’t think so. As the second republic of East Turkestan was a civilized nation-state, there were Uyghurs, Kazakhs, Kyrgyz and others had established the government, none has marginalized. We have a good track record of respecting human rights, tolerance and peace loving.

Without an independent Uyghur state our rights will not guaranteed, over two years our kin has suffered in concentrations camps. Not a single government or UN was done anything real to stop it. Scholar says it is ethnocide, but who can guarantee it is not genocide?

Let’s put aside our history of an independent state, we have a track record of being self-governed as a sovereign state. China is not a multi-ethnic state as it claims, in fact, it is a continuous colonial state. However, unless the world has a functioning system to protect our rights, we do have the right to establish a state to protect us. Nobody should deny our right as people.

We are grateful many righteous had stood with us. Unfortunately, it is a reality that no government or organization managed to stop China from attacking us. Once we have no other state or nation could protect our right, as people, we have undeniable right to establish our own government and establish a new system in our homeland, benefit everyone who lives in there. And I believe it is our God-given right.

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