My family is China’s state secret

by M.H.Uyghur 28/3/2018 Hyvinkää, Finland  It is indeed unbelievably horrible what is going on at my birthplace – Xinjiang Uyghur autonomous region, China. Innocent people like my parent are suffering because of their ethnicity. My parent and most other who lacked into the so called re-education camps are regular people without political ambitions. Like most … Continue reading My family is China’s state secret

Hypocrisy behind Burning Quran

by M.H. Uyghur 25/3.2018 Hyvinkää, Finland Do you remember 2010 there was mass anti-US protests spread to Pakistan do to Quran burning in Afghanistan by an American. Pakistan’s brother and ally China bans and burns Quran and other Islamic symbols in Pakistan’s neighboring Uyghur autonomous region, yet no one say a single word. Where are … Continue reading Hypocrisy behind Burning Quran